where is ascendent?

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Hi, very nice forum!
I was born 1 Feb 1962 in eight hour and five min in the evening; my late brother, 29 Jan 1967 in 10 am/Durban, South Africa. Where is our ascendant? Why were we so unnaturally close? Why did we each experience what the other one was?
Avon newspaper
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Hello Avon ciao
what a surprise i open forum and here people from South Africa. How you find us? Maybe search in google?

ok. let me to see your card.
Your ascendant is Virgo, with Uranus and Pluto very close.
Your brother have ascendant in Aries with Saturn in 12 –home, maybe he is not very communicative with friends and you are for him like announcer. He is much unexpected person, and has complexity character. Moon in horoscope coincide with Uranus and Pluto. And this is only first look at chart.
Take a care

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